Who we are

This is our community. We are SBISD families

We are a nonpartisan political action committee made up of community members that live in Spring Branch ISD. We are concerned with the direction our community has taken over the past few years and the strain that direction has put on it. We want to change its course for the better and see the lives of all SBISD kids uplifted.
We stand for equity in education for our students, families, and teachers. We support inclusive representation of our elected officials and holding them accountable for the success of our schools. We believe every child deserves a quality education, and our priority is to focus on issues that actually improve children’s potential for success.


Our goals are to restore the emphasis on education and inclusive community rather than allow fringe politics to adversely affect the success of SBISD students.  We support consensus and commonsense candidates qualified for the school board, who are committed to the responsibilities of the role, and have a devotion to education. We highlight critical issues that can elevate SBISD children to achieving greater success.