Representation is one of our core issues. Better representation engenders better governance. We believe that when a school board is composed of individuals from across the district, it yields decisions that better encompass all points of view and experiences from all around the district. Families will have different experiences interacting with the district depending on which schools they are zoned to. The SBISD Board of Trustees has always been an at-large system. We work within the framework of that system to achieve our goal of greater representation.

A fundamental part of our mission is to increase voter awareness and voter participation. The voter participation rate in SBISD elections is low compared to that of state and federal elections—in all parts of the district. Turnout for SBISD Trustee elections is lowest in the northern precincts. Voter apathy in these elections is a real problem, and that is something we want to address—after all, even those without children in SBISD schools have a stake in and are affected by, decisions made by the school board.

This district is currently facing a lawsuit challenging its at-large voting system, seeking some variation of a single-member district system. This lawsuit is currently in the federal district court. It will go to trial, and a judge will decide the case. We are not a party to the case and have no capability to affect the legal process.

We know that this lawsuit is a major factor for some voters, and therefore this 2022 election presents an interesting quandary. With two board positions that have candidates zoned to northern high schools, a question arises: Would a vote for these geographically-situated candidates undercut the lawsuit should those candidates be elected?

Voters who are weighing the lawsuit as a factor in their vote will need to determine the answer for themselves. We pledge to continue discussing the issues and presenting information so that our district’s voters can make the best possible decision for themselves and our community.